laparoscopic cholecystectomy
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Question: What is to date, the best method to treat gallstones?
Answer: At present, the best method is represented by laparoscopic (or “key hole”) cholecystectomy.
Question: What is “laparoscopic (or “key hole”) cholecystectomy”?
Answer: Laparoscopic (or “key hole”) cholecystectomy consists in the insertion of normally four cannulae (“trocars”) in the abdomen, through which it is both possible to see inside the closed abdomen and perform the operation. Sometimes, however, due to technical difficulties it is necessary to “convert” into the open procedure.
Question: Is there any pain after laparoscopic (or “key hole”) cholecystectomy?
Answer: No, the procedure is nearly pain-free, and this represents a major advantage over the open procedure. Normally the patient can eat and go home within 24 hours after surgery.