• Specialist in General Surgery
  • University Diploma in Coloproctology*, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
  • University Diploma in Laparoscopic Surgery*, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
  • (*DPR 10/3/82 no. 162)
Dear Visitor,
first of all, I would like to stress that both proctological and surgical examinations are medical procedures which should never be neglected or bypassed. The aim of the present website is only to provide first general informations and to help “orientating” the general public.
The present website is addressed to the general public, patients, medical students, etc. and to all those who have some interest in surgical conditions, especially coloproctology.
The website originates from the idea of establishing a direct communication beween doctor and patient, by means of exchanging and sharing mutual informations. The website provides informations from leading international scientific journals and/or from daily clinical practice. Informations provided should never replace direct specialist consultation.
This website is divided in some sections (Coloproctology, Laparoscopic Surgery, General Surgery), where, together with external links to prestigious Scientific Societies, of which I am a member, informations are given on methods and technologies which I have been employing for a number of years. Of these, I would like to draw the attention to the “Dearterialization of the Haemorrhoids” or THD procedure, which treats both bleeding and prolapse of this condition, usually with minimal or no pain at all: it decreases the increased blood supply to the haemorrhoids by ligating, under guide of a Doppler probe, the 6 main terminal arteries, and it can also treat rectal prolapse, whenever present, thus placing the mucosa back to its natural location.
Other two sections (Publications and Curriculum Vitae) provide professional informations.
Queries on colorectal or surgical topics are welcome!
Enjoy your reading!
Luigi Basso
Professor at the:
Department of Surgery “Pietro Valdoni”
University of Rome “La Sapienza”
Medical School – Policlinico “Umberto I”
Viale del Policlinico – 00161 Rome, Italy
Private Practice:
“ARS MEDICA” Private Hospital
Via C. Ferrero di Cambiano 29
00191 Rome, Italy (Tel. +39 06.36208923-4)